Strut Hins, Szumeria’s Show Me Your Assets, is owned by Marilyn Wilgocki and Ailan Hins. Born 10/28/2008,

Strut was adopted by them, from Szumeria, in November 2014. Strut became a grandmother on December 23, 2016 when her daughter Gossip, Champion Szumeria’s He Said She Said, whelped her Tanner babies. Strut is the only Kuvasz we’ve ever met. The Kuvasz is an ancient livestock herding dog breed with origins in Hungary, and this girl is a big love. She is calm, loyal and one of the staff’s favorites. Miss Strut can be found here at the Depot 3 days a week, keeping tabs on her herd of big dogs. The first Kuvasz is known to exist as early as the 9th Century, and Strut has amassed over a thousand years of trial and error to become the perfect dog.