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Booty playingThere is nothing sweeter than a puppy!  But, they require a lot of attention and training.  We hope this page will help you grow with your puppy.
Szumeria’s Junk In The Trunk, “Booty” entertaining herself in the Puppy Playground -- image on right.

Training a puppy to "leave it" can save you from a counter-surfer, but also can keep your puppy safe from grabbing dangerous objects. Teaching "get-it"is also a lot of fun. Here are videos of Kavitha working with this.

Szumeria's Juice Bar 

How fast do they change?  What a difference a year can make

zac puppypage Zac BOW
Puppy Zac, April 2014 May 1, 2015 - Best of Winners


Kuvasz Club of America Inc.
JUDGE: Mrs Agi M Hejja

KUVASZOK, Puppy Bitches 4 Mos & Under 6 Mos .
Best of Breed

SZUMERIA'S PREPARE TO PARTY. WS523318/01. 01/05/2016.
BREEDER: Katherine Knapp     Gene Hayes     L Brady & C Townsend. By
Taliszman Pull The Perfect Pint CGC - Ch Szumeria's Wildwood Tuppence To Spend RN CGC. OWNER: Kathleen O'Reagan
Constance Townsend             Lynn Brady.